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Sending Data to Integration


I am currently looking into implementing on my Webflow website, I want to know if anyone has added it on their projects before with success?

I am trying to add different events however, I can’t find a clear article or video that explains how I should replace their hard-coded strings that work with my website to make it actually work.

analytics.identify('\', {
  name: '\',
  email: '\'
analytics.track('Article Bookmarked', {
  title: '\',
  subtitle: '\',
  author: '\'

How would I go about replacing the " \ 's " to actually collect data. If anyone has had any luck with this please share.


Hi there @user02353, you can try using a custom code embed in a collection list on the page, or some custom code on a collection template page in the before body or head of the site.

Webflow supports using Custom Code either in the Head/Body or via the Custom Code Embed widget. It is also possible to use Collection Fields in custom code embeds, making code embeds dynamic.

Where you are changing the “/”, you can insert collection fields to the code to make those values dynamic.

A really good source of info on using different third party integrations is on the Webflow Integrations page.

Webflow does not provide direct help with third party tools/integrations from our support desk, however there is help for integrations on our code help pages in the community.