Sending Data to Popup on Button Click + Auto-select Checkbox

Hi Everyone!

I’m trying to implement a custom sign up flow for a product’s landing page, using a popup. And I’m having a challenge with auto-selecting checkboxes on the popup, based on the button that is used to show the popup.

There are 3 primary personas for the product, and some of the sign up buttons on the landing page are for one of those personas.

The sign up popup also features 3 checkboxes for users to confirm their persona (i.e. confirm what they are interested in).

I would love to auto-select the persona checkboxes on the popup, if the related sign up button is clicked.

For example:
Sign up Buttons are: Button-generic, button-1, button-2, button-3
Sign up popup’s checkboxes are: checkbox-1, checkbox-2, checkbox-3

If button-1 is clicked, the popup should be shown with checkbox-1 selected. (and same with 2 and 3).

If button-generic is clicked, the popup should be shown with no checkbox selected (this is how it works now).

Is this achievable via webflow? I suspect that it’s possible with javascript and/or a hidden field on the page, but I’m not sure how.

Please see the attached screenshots, as well my site’s read-only link below.

Thanks a lot for reading, and I much appreciate your help!

The Site’s read-only link