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Checkbox required to open modal popup - help! Urgent :(


I am working on a page where you need to check the checkbox and then click a button to open the modal.

Here is an example:

Notice how if you have not ticked off the checkbox, the modal will not open. Instead, there is a little hidden message that will appear, saying ‘you need to check the box first’.

I need to do exactly the same thing for another company (I did not build the above-mentioned page) because the information displayed in the modal is sensitive.

I have already created the modal, and for the purpose of this post removed the content. The blue button is a form button that opens the modal.

However, what I need to know is this: how do I stop the modal from opening if the user has not checked off the box?

Any help would be very appreciated, as this was dropped on me today (Friday PM) and is due Tuesday. There are 12 potential clients riding on this little page (no pressure :sweat_smile: lol)

Here’s my share link:

& here’s the temporary URL:

Thank you SO much in advance !!

I have a hacky idea. What if you built the modal into the success field for the form so that it shows only when the form submits?

Hi, thanks for your response.

I tried that but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. The modal still opens when I click even if the box isn’t checked, and there’s a pop-up that says ‘‘please check this box if you want to proceed’’.

Here’s how it’s set up:

You need to nest the modal into the success message div, not next to it.

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