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Totally different design when I publish


I didn’t have an answer on the forum, so I come here.

The design on my webflow designer and the published website on mobile (see attached) are totally different.

How to explain it?

I want to keep the design you see in the picture and not on webflow but I don’t know how to do it to have the same two designs in my workplace

I tried backup but it doesn’t solve the problem

Best regards

The mobile phone view : 1

The picture on my phone (you will find a header that don’t appear in the designer but it’s normal) :

Up for this post.

I really need help

Hi @lemundibu, thanks for your post. Could you help to share the site published url that is looking different than the designer?

Can you take a screenshot of the elements in the designer, that are not matching the elements on the published URL?

Thanks in advance

Hi @cyberdave it was an error from me. Sorry

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I’m closing the topic :blush: :webflow_heart: