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Send Pictures to Back

Hi there, I’m working on a website homepage and want to put a big picture in front of the audience to grab their attention quickly. My inspiration is and there website. I want it almost like that but with a sidebar as well. I’ve tried a lot of things to “send to back” my image like Microsoft Word calls it, but can’t seem to configure the image that way as my text just goes behind the image, not in front as I would like it to do. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance :sunglasses:.

Ok I kinda found out how to send it to back for those who need help.

What I did instead of using the positioning tool, I just added a background to the rich text box and resized the frame to fit my needs. Then I used the positioning tool for the sidebar and navbar to overlap the image when scrolling. I did this by setting it to either fixed or static the re-positioned the elements on the left hand screen.

I would like to suggest using the z-Index for “send to back” or “front”. Each “layer” of an element can be controlled with this. I always tend to use intervals of 10 and start at 100 or so.