How to add content on top of a background slider?

I am having difficulty with placing my navigation content and image content on top of a slider that I have made into a full width background slider. Here is a screen shot of the page I am working on and as you can see at the bottom I have tried raising the navigation I have created up to the top of the page where I want it but it just slide right behind the image.

Before I add an image to the slides I can view the navigation, but as soon as I add in a background image it covers any content.
I have attached an image of my navigator also.

Please help!

Here is my public share link:

Hi Juliet!

I don’t really understand what the final result should exactly be, but you can use z-index to set the order of “layers”. Z refers to the z axis, the depth. So by putting a higher value to the menu than to the slider, it gets rendered on top.

Si it in action;

From there, can you tell me how I can help you further?

Also, who’s doing the clay and model work showcased there? What is the site for? I like the scenes very much, that cookie guy with chocolate bangs is cracking me up:)

Hi Vincent,

Thank you so much, kicked myself when you told me as I remember reading that before, so yes great thank you.

I am building my partners company website he owns an animation studio called Yamination Studios, once the site is finished they’ll be loads more great content going up. The cookie guy was a Cravendale Milk commercial Yamination Studios built the sets for :smile:

Thank you again, i’ll be back if I get stuck again.

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