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Send form data to phone?

Is there a way to send form data, when a person fills out a webflow form, to someone’s phone?

I don’t believe my read only link applies here but if so let me know and I’ll fish it out.

I’m not sure this can be done natively in Webflow but a workaround that I personally use is the Mail app on my iPhone. If you have a smart phone you could always download a mail app and use it on your phone. Hope this helps. :wink:

Okey dokey ty :slight_smile: I do have a mail app so it comes to my phone :slight_smile: I was thinking of texting notifications but that’s probably something different.

Thanks Vlad for putting up with my questions lol

You can try using zapier for this. It is meant to automate form data and webflow is on there. You should be able to take data and find another app to connect it to that will send you a text. I haven’t tested this though.

Edit: IFTTT can do this

oooo this is probably the 3rd time I’ve heard of IFTTT…it’s a sign…I’m going to have to try it! Tysm!