Selecting Dropdown Values


Can someone please help me in selecting the dropdown fields, as in, if I select ‘Credit Card’ the dropdown shows ‘Credit Card’ instead of "Payment Method’?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Daily UI

Hi @Aseem_Bathla
You can use the Finsweet Attribute Custom Form Select, it is very simple to integrate.

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Hi @Dionisie, thank you for your immediate response, I saw this and have not really started with custom attributes, I can use this solution, yes, but is there any out of the box way in webflow to do it or should I just start diving into custom attributes and stuff?

For what I know you can not in Webflow, with Finsweet simply put the code in the heading and add some attribute, that’s it, you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Edit - I forgot that you could use select element as said by @memetican

I think you’re using the wrong element;

A is the select element used in forms, to capture a single option from a list.
B is an expandable element that is often used in navigation.

Ok, thank you so much, I will try this way.

Hi @Memetican, thank you for your response. I saw ‘Select’ element but I could not find a way to display ‘Payment Method’ as to show what that select element is for (I thought of using ‘Payment Method’ as default value, but I could not find a way to do that as well).

@Dionisie, for finsweet attributes, I need to not be on the starter plan for webflow, right?
Their pricing is very confusing to me, I guess I’ll read some more about the pricing and then think of the solution.

To use custom code you have to upgrade your workspace plan or the website plan you working on.

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Typically you use an adjacent Label the same way you do for textboxes, etc.
You can also set the first value to something like ( choose a payment method ) with a value that is blank.

That lets you avoid mistaken defaults and add clarity, but also if you make the field required the one with the blank value will not be considered a valid selection.

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Yes, okay thank you so much for your help.

Yes, I’ll upgrade, need to start learning about CMS and stuff. Thank you for your help!