Select a link in Dropdown Menu to change 'Dropdown' text...Possible?

Hi All,

I have a quick question on Dropdown Menu component. I understand that I can select a link in dropdown menu to navigate myself to a section on the page~Awesome!

If I am in that current / action section, is it possible to display the text / ID of the current section instead of a ‘Dropdown’ text? To be more specific please see below screenshot :slight_smile:

Let’s say I open the dropdown menu to select a link in the menu, after I select Link 1, can the ‘Dropdown’ text be updated to ‘Link 1’ instead of having Link 1 (current) in the menu?

Thank you and love you guys <3

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um…anyone? please?

Did you try using a dropdown (select) form element instead? Otherwise this can only be done using custom code.

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