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Seeking clone-able site similar to this style

I’m interested in recreating the scrolling photo style used by Lime above the fold here:

Is there a cloneable Webflow site or template that would be a good starting point to get here?

Any thoughts here? Would love to know how others may approach this using interactions.

I didn’t know of anything so I took some time to recreate the effect that you can see live here or check out the read-only link here.

This is just a single page within my large testing ground type of project that’s currently not showcased/cloneable, but you should be able to recreate a similar effect to fit your needs by referencing what I put together. Obviously fee free to ask any questions if you’re unsure of how things work.

Keep in mind I only focused on the desktop presentation so it probably won’t work nicely on smaller screens without some tweaks, but it should give you a good jumping off point.


This is an awesome example of how it all can come together. I will be using this as a guide. Thank you.