Sections not loading in Safari on Mac, fine everywhere else

Good afternoon,

I’m running into an issue with our website on safari on Mac. The body shows up right away but the sections don’t unless you wait for a LOOONG time, like 30 seconds in one spot. The only things I could find about safari had to do with flex box or overflow hidden, which none of the sections use. I’m at a loss as to why this is happening, any help would be greatly appreciated!

actual site:
read only link: (Webflow - Flip 2 It Sports Center)

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]
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UPDATE! Solved!

To recap, when I would load the website in safari on our mac mini, the hero section and animations all worked but the rest of the page would take forever to render, and if you waited for a section to render then scrolled off, it would disappear again.
Here’s the page structure:
The hero section was sticky, top 0px, sides and bottom 0%, all of the following sections were set to relative/auto. I switched all of the following sections to sticky/auto and that completely solved the problem on safari on mac and the site still worked on chrome on mac and pc as well.

Hope this helps anyone else who is baffled by this!