Sections not fitting browser even with 100vh

Hey there,

Here is my site Read-Only:

I’ve linked the nav with sections of the website and made each section 100vh. When it scrolls to the section it doesn’t fit the browser window and some sections are cut off. How can I fix this?

On mobile -or- desktop? (Or both)

Hey @Siton_Systems on both

Add live URL. And also in all pages? (Or specific one). For me looks fine (Chrome). When a nav link is clicked and scrolls to the section for example, when Nav link Horizon is clicked it scrolls to Horizon but the Section is still scrollable and not 100vh or fitted for the screen. If that makes sense?

The link is broken…

Maybe clear cache. On large screen - works fine. Anyway this is only “min-height” - so on small screens (Small laptop or mobile) - you get more than 100vh (Overflow).

Option 1:
Use less content

Option 2:
change min-height to height (or max-height) - and overflow scroll (Weird solution most of the times).

And again please add screenshot of the problem.

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