Section (footer) being pushed when not supposed to?! Help!

Hello, I have been building a website for a company, this is technically my first website I have built with webflow. Everything was going great for over a month until my home pages footer started to jump out of place when I move the screen size vertically around in preview mode… Please help!! (im working on a 27" screen and am only concerned with the footer on the home page acting strange)

read only link:

I appreciate the response and any help, I attached the read only link which should be enough
for the help im looking for. THank You! looking forward to getting this solved.

@Levi123 good reaction to the poster above. No need for fishing for jobs :slight_smile:.
Anyway, you’ve got quite a construction going on. Here’s a quick video I made showing you how I would solve this. Video should be available in a couple of minutes at this link


It Worked! The VH of my wrapper was messing it up.
I only put it at vh to have a clear running start for adding more sections but totally makes sense to put as auto because it wants to be as tall as it can, naturally , just gotta add more sections and divs…
I also got rid of the form at bottom and made that a popup modal form instead, probably have questions about that later ; )

Very Helpful video and quick response, You Rule Sara Thank You!


Ah, glad to hear it all worked out @Levi123, that’s what we’re here for :slight_smile:

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