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Section doesnt fill 100% of a column


If I put a ‘Section 2’ or a ‘container’ or ‘div block’ in a column which is in a Section1, Section 2 doesnt fill the entire column. This makes my design useless.
Due to this my checkboxes label area has decreased.
This problem is frequently disrupting my work.
Is it a bug? Please help me.

When I add an element directly into a column(such as form) I get more area for my checkboxes text.

Please help.

Hi @pransh4u, sorry to hear you are having this issue, is it possible for you to share the public link to your site, you can enable this from site settings and then paste the link here for us to look at.

In general, if you need all columns to be same height, you need to set a value for your column height property, then in the sections in each column, set your position property to Relative on each section and set the height of the section to 100% of it’s parent container (the column).

It is possible also, you can write up some javascript to dynamically calculate the height of the row and make the column’s class have that same height (subtract padding or whatnot), or you can just set an pixel height to make them all the same height. If you go the custom code route, you will need to paste this code into your Before Body section of the Custom Code section in Site Settings.

After we get your public link, we on the forum, may be able to give you some code pointers or setup advice for this.