Section/anchor link to hidden Section

Hello Webflowers,

I’m trying to create a section/anchor link to a DIV that I have hidden, that would normally only be revealed by clicking its parent DIV. Has anybody been able to do this? I haven’t found a way to do it quite yet or found a forum post about it.

You can create an empty div just above the one that is going to be revealed and link to it

Thanks @dram - and I think I should have better clarified in my question - what I’m trying to do is link to the section that’s normally hidden and have it be shown without click when using the anchor link.

Well, just add the same interaction to the link you are using for its parent div?

@dram that makes sense, but how could I then set it so that the hidden section be visible automatically upon clicking the link? I’d be looking to link from an external page.

Ah, in such a case it is impossible of course without custom code.