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Button provokes new section

hey webflow-community,
so I want to have a section in my website that only appears if the visitor hits the button.

so it will be like:
-visitor scrolling through my website
-visitor arrives on a certain section with a button
-visitor clicks on the button
-> new section appears

note: everything on the same page

does anyone have any suggestions on how to realize this?! :thinking:


hello @danyalxy,

So you can definitely do something like that on Webflow. What you have to do is set an id to the section that you want to appear, then you set the button on the other section to take you to that section. Now, once you set that up the link will take you to the new section and with a load animation you can make it appear however you want. Here is a link that will explain you better what I mean.

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thank you for your tips bro. i experimented with this load animation stuff but it doesnt worked out exactly how i want it.
my idea was to have like a “hidden section” that just than appears when the visitor clicks on a button. is something like this possible?

YIAH! I think i got it!
With this Tutorial it will probably work. Sill in process.


This is one that might help better because the accordion fully collapses which is what you want to do to the section/element


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