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Secondary Nav Menus (Fixed) Below the Fold?

HI, I need to list client’s services on the same page without using tabs component or dropdown menu.
It would be similar to this site (except the top fixed nav will stay and the secondary menu will stay below the fold – selected menu will have current state effect when pressed).

In particular I couldn’t make the secondary menu properly stick below the fold. What are my options on WF?


Which section on that site are you referring to? Which page?

HI, It’s the Solutions Page. Below the fold, there are three categories of services - like tabs but wants all services listed/ header fixed under it (so I’ll just do in-page link by category).


Gotcha. And the service links are going to a separate page, or individual panels/panes underneath menus?

the service links will go to three different sections within the page…thanks for clarifying

Okay, do you have a question on how to do it, or?

Yes…how to do it please or any thoughts on this. thanks

In particular when I tried, I couldnt’ make the secondary menu properly stick below the fold.

Okay post your site’s read-only link here.

You’ll have to first decide, what you want to happen:

  1. What happens on the home landing - On Load?
  2. What happens when user scrolls?

That will determine how you layer the divs or tabs.

I just sent a private message, hope that’s alright. thanks

No not a problem, checking it now.

Could this help - I used it to create a secondary nav menu half way down my page that appears when the user scrolls down past it and disappears when the user scrolls back up past it.

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Thanks for sharing the link :slight_smile:

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