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Secondary nav bar not appearing using scroll integration

I’m working with a client on this website:

I’m trying to have the secondary nav bar fade in after scrolling past the ‘header’ slider section, I followed this video to set everything up. The interaction appears to be set up correctly, but when I preview and scroll past the slider section it seems to be glitching and the space for the nav bar appears to be directly under the slider, but the nav bar itself does not show up.

I’m trying to get this figured out very quickly, thank you for your help in advance!


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @RogueCreativesTeam your scroll in navbar would have to be in a fixed position, width of 100%, aligned to top and typography style to centered text (to center align your links) and then you should be all set. :smiley:

@waldo that fixed the problem, exactly. Thank you!!

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