Second click interaction needs 2 clicks to work

Hi, I’m Andre

So, I made my webflow website all in one. Meaning, that all the pages are in the “home” page, using “show n’ hide” effect, that pages appear as one click on the link in the menu.

The problem is: a double click de menu icon (black square on the right) is required so it appears, after the first click. I couldn’t find out why. I know I have a unnecessary second click interaction somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. Can somebody help me?

I’m sorry if I couldn’t make myself clear, english is a second language.
Thank you in advance.

Here is my public share link:

Hi @andre_lona

This is normally caused by an initial state (like invisible) overriding the interactions.

Try removing the initial state in the Designer, and adding it in the interaction itself?

Looks like an interesting site!

Thanks, man!

But I’ll need you to be more specific. I don’t understand what do you mean by removing in the Designer and adding it in the interaction itself.

No problem - it looks like you have a custom navigation setup, so I haven’t looked in detail, just providing general ideas :slightly_smiling_face:

Apologies - by Designer - I meant in the ‘Styles’ Panel

What sometimes happens is:

  • In the Styles panel, you may have an item set to ‘display: none’ (so basically an ‘initial state’)

  • You might also, in the Interactions panel, have a hide/show interaction set up (this might be display: none as well - and might be set to ‘initial state’)

  • So, it might be you have two initial states conflicting with each other, requiring two clicks…

Yeah! It makes perfect sense.

But now, I’m suffering by my own creation! This all-in-one page has most elements hidden (as a initial state). In addition to that, it has the menu that “comes and goes” as clicked, and also is hidden (as initial state). So I don’t even know where to begin looking.

I should start by saying that Im a rookie. But I’d appreciate if you could guide me.
Thank you in advance.