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Custom navigation hamburger needs double click

Hi, I’m running into trouble with custom navigation. I have created two clicks for a hamburger that reveal and hide mobile navigation up to here is all fine. Then click on mobile nav link hide menu and move to page section, that’s fine too. But after that hamburger needs double-click 1 close nav - 2 open nav. I know that I did something wrong but I don’t know what. What I’m missing? Where to look?


Here is my public share link: LINK

I’m not sure which method you’d prefer from your question. You mention double-click, but I’m not sure if you meant the second click to close, or an actual double click.

While in Tablet and lower, I don’t see the mobile button to open or close the mobile nav.
I personally like how Webflow’s built-in nav system works. Perhaps digging a little deeper in those elements will solve these problems for you instead of going the custom functionality route?
Let’s hope someone else can tinker with what you’re trying to do.

The site is looking good. Keep at it!

Hi @Lux thanks for your time to answer. Client is asking for specific nav behaviour that I can’t achieve with Webflow nav (I think, but not sure) . What I have intent as two clicks (no double-click) is that when menu is open with burger and closed with link from slide-out menu, but burger button state will remain as open.

This mean that I have to click once to proceed closing (not visible) menu to get burger to its initial state and than I can proceed standard opening with burger again. I thing it will need custom JS, but I will rather avoid it if possible. Any Idea? Anyone?

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