Search results are older on live/published site (also contains results that should be excluded!)

My search results are correct on my preview site link:
However, my search results on the live site ( are older, and also contains all pages, even the ones i explicitly excluded from the search results.

Here’s a page with the search-bar:

Can someone help, push an update or re-index the site search-index again?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Published site

you can check the difference in results here: (this is the correct one)

Hi there,

There are two ways to update your index:“searchable”

  • Manual reindexing
  • Automatic reindexing

On CMS hosting, manual reindexing is available once every 24 hours. On Business hosting, manual reindexing is available once every hour. On CMS hosting, automatic reindexing takes place once every 72 hours, and on Business hosting automatic reindexing takes place every 12 hours.

I have gone ahead and completed a one-time courtesy manual re-indexing for you :webflow_heart:

Feel free to re-publish the site for the search results to propagate

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Thanks! That did the trick!
So in my case, i indexed the site, it will only index the version.
I first tested the search results, which worked fine, but then i published the site (with new content) and on the published site, the search had not yet indexed the (new) content.

Maybe some information about this would be nice, somewhere in Webflow University.
That the (development) version has it’s own index (based on all content in that version).
The live site has it’s own separate index (which is logical)

Thanks again! Now our visitors can search (and find the right things) again!

Ah, gotcha.

Yes, after re-indexing the site would need to then be re-published after the re-indexing has been completed.

:nerd_face: Glad you’re up-and-running again, and I’ll definitely pass this on to the team.

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