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Search multiple fields in a collection at once

Hi Guys

Im a muse / bc user, and looking at migrating a large site.
I want to make sure that I can do everything I need to before telling the client they need to pay for me to rebuild everthing from scratch!

Ok, so I need someone who knows a bit about CMS searching to look at the search on (just below the nav bar) and the side search on

and while you’re at it, the category filter on

If someone could let me know:
a - can this type of search (choose multiple parameters for multiple fields) be replicated somehow using the webflow CMS?
b - how?

the site also has a favourites feature, where you can add a floor plan as a favourite, then see your list of favourites (all cookie based, no logins)

Is it possible to get this custom stuff working webflow, or will I end up getting stuck at dead ends?

Comments and thoughts most appreciated.

Another feature which I will be getting to, is when someone updates a house & land package, I need it to roll it out to several API’s of real estate websites. Possible?


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Hello @EvanCowan

I think this tutorial can help, it’s a different kind of approach but I think the result can be the same:

For the cookie code, you can take a look at this:

and this:

In this last case I wouldn’t really know but maybe this can help:

Hope this helps.