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Search function in main menu

Hey guys-

I have a question about how to design the search feature into my main menu, so that it’s less touchy. Users are having problems in that it keeps disappearing when they move their mouse outside of the dropdown.

Here’s a demonstration of what I’m doing and the problem-

Any recommendations are much appreciated. Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hello @memetican,

I mean it is hard to speculate without a read only link, however this type of problem is pretty common with hover dropdowns. My advice to you, and since you already styled the search box, is to change the trigger of the search box from hover to click, so on one click it shows and on a second click it disappears. Let me know if that makes sense.

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@Pablo_Cortes that’s brilliantly simple, I actually didn’t realize that was a per-menu setting. I’ve fixed that, and it’s much better now- I may need to make the adjacent menu open on click as well, because if the mouse pointer crosses leftward into that menu item, the problem still occurs.

Hello @memetican,

Maybe it is the way the interaction is triggered. can you share your read only link?