How do I keep dropdown menu open until I hover off?

I got the animation to open the drop down menu, but how do I keep it from fading away until I hover out of it??

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This occurs when the element you use to trigger the hover, in this case Dropdown Trigger, is not the parent of the menu, in this case Dropdown Cont. The way the browser is thinking, it shows the menu when you hover on the trigger, but when you move your mouse down to the menu, you stop hovering over the trigger—making the browser go “okay, you aren’t hovering the toggle so it’s time to hide the menu.” If the menu is a child of the trigger, then you are still hovering over the trigger as far as the browser is concerned, so it keeps the menu open.

I’m near the end of my day and flagging a little so I hope that made sense :slight_smile: It took me a while to figure out myself when I started Webflow.

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how do I fix it because how I made it a child but if I hover over where the menu is it also popup?