Search Button requires form input to be filled when. checked Required

Someone can help with this issue ?

When hitting the search button, it triggers the required fields in forms page.

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Interesting, it looks to me like a Webflow bug relating to how search forms work.

I’m guessing you’ve dropped in and customized the standard Webflow search form, because I can see a number of webflow.js event handlers on the submit button and on the search form, that I think are issuing a page-wide form validation check.

No easy fix because it’s difficult to unbind event handlers you didn’t create.

The workaround is to just replace the search form with an HTML embed containing that form HTML, without any w-form classes or attributes.

Webflow search is simply a request to /search?query=X so any simple GET-method form with an action of /search and an input named query will do the same thing.

Hey michael, thanks for the work around!