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Form- Submit button, required fields skipped, missing error message

Hi there, seeking support of course,
I’ve used an external template for the form I’ve included in this page.
I had an issue with the SUBMIT button not working however I managed to spot the issue; the ‘Required fields’ were left empty so clicking the submit button did nothin. -Follow up issue to that is why aren’t the ERROR messages displaying in that regard?

  • One other major issue is required fields don’t have to be filled in in order to go to next step. But turns out Submit won’t work otherwise, but its not warned/ alerted.

What is ideal is to make required fields essential to go to next step and error messages to display if they can’t go to next step or submit.
Temporally I’ve unchecked required fields and it seems fine but not ideal

Note: The form uses custom codes

Thanks in advance

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