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Search box was displaying but now not

I am really perplexed about this one. Here is a link to my site I have a search box in the upper right that shows on the desktop view but disappears on the tablet and mobile view. I did something and have no idea what. I have clicked the eye with the line through it off on all the display views. I can’t find anywhere else to select. It’s some embed code for the search and thought perhaps I did it wrong however it shows on the desktop view. I would give access to the site to look at it but I am not quite sure how to do that either?

This is how to share :smiley:

Also I can tell by the code that you have hidden the search field on tablets. You can find this in the settings panel for that element.

Hi Alex,

I figured I must have it turn off in that view but I am just not seeing where because to me it looks like everything is set to show. Thanks for the screen captures on sharing. I think I just did that. Here is the link

Will this allow you to see my settings? Unfortunately I am not real new to web flow. Just being a little slow :smile:

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