Search Blog Posts in Backend CMS

Is there not a way to search through the blog posts in the CMS? You can’t seem to be able to sort them either.

Pressing CMD+F and using the browser search doesn’t work because it wont jump to the highlighted search term and also searches behind the CMS panel the overlays the page you’re on.


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Does nobody have any suggestions or thoughts around this?

We’re working on CMS search - stay tuned!



It is getting VERY difficult to find content on the CMS backend.

I’d love to know more about this when might be coming. The type of filtered search I (and I think most CMS users) want can only be done with advanced customization of Swiftype, and then integrating that into Webflow. I don’t mind paying for that – but not if Webflow is just about to launch its own CMS search function.

@funkedelic_bob @guihnz @Jim_Dandy

This feature is now live! :smiley:

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