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Search a spreadsheet and return data on WEBFLOW page instantly


Im looking for a solution that will enable users to type a job title & select a region and press submit. Once submitted the code would need to search an external spreadsheet for the correct value and return it on the page instantly without refreshing.

I’m not really sure on how to create something like this. Would I need some custom javascript for this or is there any other solution I could use to create this functionality? If I can get it working then the plan will also be to add extra columns to the spreadsheet which are inputted into a selection of series stats like “price of coffee in **” etc.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here’s a screenshot of a basic version of the user input.

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You are going to need an API you can connect to, query, and fetch results from, that are then injected into the page with JavaScript. Take a look at Xano as an example service this type of functionality can be built from. There will be some coding involved to make it happen.

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the pointer! I will look into Xano and try wrap my head around it.

I am happy with some coding but could you give me a heads up on the sort of difficulty level I’m facing to set something like this up?

Not trivial but well documented. You may be able to cobble a MVP using Finsweet CMS Library. Your requirements are not well documented so its hard for me to say what an solution is. That is something I bill my time for anyway.