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Custom scrolling using custom arrows

Hello to all!

I tried to do it myself but I can’t find how. So here’s the problem.
If you click on the first image, a window with some content should pop up. I have two buttons - arrow up and arrow down. I would like to access the rest of overflowing content by clicking on the down arrow. Also scrolling should be by some tens of px for each click. I tried using Interactions, but without success. How can I bite the problem? I’d like to evade additional JS.


As far as I can think there is no automation of scrolling on Webflow, and if you’re using the targeting of sections IDs that sits with the hidden, overflowed content, the page is at best going to scroll where it is supposed to be rather than making the content of the block scroll.

IMHO you need JS for that. (I could be wrong but I dont see how…)

Or settle for an horizontal scrolling and use a slider in your popups…

Although, you could use an interaction that make the content move up n pixels, but as the values are fixed, not increments, you’d need one interaction per step and a crazy amount of buttons showing up/disappearing. So I’m not sure you should explore this possibility.

It’s not that I want automatic scrolling (if I understand what you mean). Just like arrows in scrollbar in OS works. Click - move a bit - click - move a bit and so on… If it is really needed to use JS then how? :slight_smile: (I don’t understand JS too much :slight_smile: )

Hi, @radek,

It sounds like maybe this is what you are looking for? :

Yeah, pretty close to that. But need to use ONE button to switch between contents down and ONE up, no matter how many IDs I have in my popup. That’s the problem. The browser won’t know if it was first or second or another click of this button if I assign multiple actions to the button.

I came to this moment: and now I need next click to cause the same as first one does.

Hi @radek, I think if you want to just control the page scroll in increments, your best bet in this case, would be to use some jQuery scroll script. Here is an example script:

With interactions, you can move elements with animations, but not scroll to a certain section of a page, or a certain amount of pixels. A simple jQuery script is your best bet I think for the moment.

This is a good idea though, please submit it to our Wish List and we’ll notify you if we make it :slight_smile: More info on our Wish List here:

I hope this helps, Dave

Well, it would be sufficient to make a button with linking to a certain section, wouldn’t it? I thought rather of what I have written above: the same button should allow me to navigate through the whole content of the popup - like arrows (not a scrollbar) in navigation bar in OS when the content overflows, of course I do not require when the button is latched the action happens.

I hope you now understand better what I’m trying to achieve.

Maybe I don’t get you :slight_smile: I use interaction like this:

  1. choose element that triggers an action: button ‘down’

  2. choose < div > that contains everything in the popup. This < div > is then

  3. set to move upwards 100px on the first click
    Similar for button ‘up’. All of this is already on the website.
    Next I would like:

  4. with every next click of button ‘down’ < div > to move upwards 100px (as in point 3))
    And similar for button ‘up’.

Here, should I use javascript to handle with point 4) ?

I don’t know how to explain it more simply…

Hi @radek, thanks for your update. Sorry if I misunderstood, I am taking a further look :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave