Scrolling the Z-axis with CSS 3D Transforms

Hi community.
First time posting here.

I’m working on the implementation of my concept
into a Webflow website.

I’m more of a designer, so the custom code is not that clear for me.

So, I want to make a Scroll in depth, not the horizontal or vertical.

I know that 3D transform is used for that, but i cannot fully grasp how it can be done by using the
Webflow tools.

Is that hard to implement without custom code?
Can anyone broadly describe tools and steps I need to make?

This is a sample:

This is a description in article?

Hello @Zuri

I made a very simple version here of what you’re trying to achieve, please let me know if this is what you need.

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Thanks man. That’s like a beginning of what I’m trying to achieve.

I have in mind much more complex piece of interface and I don’t know
if webflow without javascript libs is able to do that.

This is a more relevant piece. Please wait until the strobing thing goes away.

It’s too slow and lousy, but it conveys the idea.

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You have quite a site there! :+1: