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Scrolling part of the screen

I am trying to arrange my screen in what should be a very classic format: the horizontal menu and logo stretched across the top and the content scrolls upward from the bottom while the menu and logo remain visible. Most of my menu references sections lower down on the same page.

Please help with the correct settings. Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only:

You menu + logo will be a Navbar element. It will be position:fixed, anchored to the top. Everything else will slide under it. If you need your menu links to link to desctions below, you’ll declare IDs to sections in the Settings panel, and set those IDs to your links.

Thanks for your reply, but I have already done that. The “logo” I referred to is not the Brand element of the Navbar, but a separate element below it. The problem I need to solve is the scrolling. I want the division with “everything else” to scroll only in that part of the screen below the logo which says “Maryland Democracy Amendment Resolution”. That logo is at the bottom of the top div block.