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Help :) How to modify displayed menu elements on scroll

Hello kind folks of the Webflow Forum,

I ain’t gonna lie I’m new to this webflow thing. I’ve suceeded in setting up a page that is static and have found solutions for small animations already (for exemple,… getting the menu smaller in height as we scroll down the page for exemple).

I’m here to ask for help to get to the next level:
I’m trying to get a change in the menu as I scroll past certain sections or as I scroll on certain pages.

Let me put that in image.
The menu looks like this while we’re at the top of the page.

When scrolling though, it should look like this (smaller height and the logo is gone showing the page we’re on for exemple)

If someone has any idea to help me on this,… It’ll be fantastic :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance,

Tell me if you need more precisions.