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Scrolling letter animation

Hi I found this cool animation transition to use between headers and I was wondering how I would incorporate this? I know you have yo use the custom code section but if someone with a little bit more knowledge could maybe break it down a little?

Thank you!

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Hey @wleatherman,

Definitely a great question.

I was able to get this integrated into Webflow, and wasn’t as difficult as I thought.

First, grab the script sources that you’ll need and them to your sites Custom Code (I used the scripts found at

Then, create the layout using the same CSS naming convention as the article (content__section, content__text,

And finally, add as many sections as you need.

You can view the live Webflow site at the following URL:

Also, the following is the Webflow share link to see how implemented it:

Hopefully this helps, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Micah :nerd_face:


Thank you @micahryanhtml !

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