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Horizontally Scrolling Text Animation

Hey Webflow community! This is my first post in here, have learned so much since I started digging into no-code about 6 months ago.

There’s a website I adore for a Philly restaurant called Middle Child. Almost half-way down the homepage there’s a real neat horizontally-scrolling text animation that has some big bold headlines on it. Was wondering if anybody knew how to recreate it in Webflow! Working on a site for my company right now and have a similar idea. Reference gif below for the effect.

Nov-10-2020 12-16-14

Thank you so much in advance! Hope some of you experts can teach this newbie a thing or two.

Hi!! I am trying to achieve the same thing… having kind of a hard time figuring it out… please if anyone know how to do this help!! ahhah

Hey @StudioAtlas! If you’re comfortable with custom code, here’s an example that should be helpful:

thank you so much!!! you don´t know how much you´ve helped me out

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