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Scroll Triggered Interaction

Hey forum,

I am pretty new to webflow, but love it. I need some help when making a scroll interaction. I understand that the trigger has to be a scroll but it happens too fast for me. I have uploaded a file what is the result I try to achieve in this link:

Would be very helpful if someone more senior can give me an advice how to make it. I think it has to be linked to scroll position on the browser but no idea how to make it soooo smooth.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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The higher the number, the smoother the animation.

Thanks about that. But is there a trick to make it if I stop mid way, I mean the phone to be linked to the browser possition, so when you stop on some point the phone to stop aswell, and when you start moving down it starts moving again.

We are waiting for the release webflow interactions 2.0

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