Scroll to top of section in collection list pagination

Not very experienced with code at all. I finally was able to create pagination on a collection list that did NOT scroll to the top of the page when the next page button was clicked using the code below that was provided in an old forum thread. That said, it now stays basically in the same position on the page, and I’d like it to anchor to the top of the container with ID “seamless-replace” so that a visitor won’t have to manually scroll up to see the first listings on the page that just loaded. Can anyone help by providing an edit to this code? Appreciate it!

<!-- seamless-pagination custom code -->

<script src=""></script>

    var containerSelector = '#seamless-replace';
      '.w-pagination-wrapper a',
      containerSelector, {
        container: containerSelector,
        fragment: containerSelector,
        scrollTo: false,
        timeout: 2500,

    // These 3 lines should reinitialize interactions

    $(document).on('pjax:end', function() {


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