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Scroll snap sections with sticky horizontal scroll section


I’m trying to implement css scroll snapping as well as a horizontal scroll section (sticky) but after 2 days of fiddling and scouring the resources/forum I’m starting to think I have to bin one idea to implement another.

Basically, I want

  1. the first section to snap to the second
  2. the second section to horizontally scroll through content with vertical scroll (so creating a sticky section with VW and adding scroll animation with the move function)
  3. upon completion of the horizontal scroll, gently snap to the next section
  4. which snaps all the way through the sections to the bottom

I got the scroll snapping working perfectly, and I got the horizontal scroll mostly working perfectly, individually, but when I try to add them together, the horizontal scroll doesn’t work (obviously, because of the VH of the containing div block).

Website isn’t even near completion, as I’ve been learning webflow as I go along here (migrating from Squarespace) so not all content is in and done. Just want to get the functionality sorted so I can move on to the other pages.

Thank you :smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: