Scroll out of view in IX2?

Is scroll out of view no longer an option in IX2? I want to have a nav logo show up as i scroll past the hero section and stay until i scroll back up. I was able to toggle legacy but theres gotta be a way to do it in IX2 Right?

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Hi @DFink

Did you find it in the end?

It’s here if not - you have to choose ‘scroll into view’ initially - and then you can deal with both ‘into view’ and ‘out of view’ from the same panel:

Click to expand :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Stu. I still am totally lost on how to do this and I have been relying on legacy interactions which now seem to have broken.

How would I show an element as you start to scroll the page down but hide it at the top?

Hi @DFink

Essentially it’s this tutorial but the other way round:

I’m just making a quick demo for you :slightly_smiling_face:

@DFink Here you go:

It’s a Page Trigger: Page Scrolled animation

I’ve used a Navbar as the element to show/hide.
You could use show/hide itself, but in this case i’ve gone for an opacity animation.

  • Opacity is set to 0% as an initial state (‘Element Appear’)
  • As page is scrolled down this rises to 75% with a 1.5s delay (Also in ‘Element Appear’)
  • As page is scrolled back up this reverts down to 0% with a 1.5s delay (‘Element Disappear’)

Hope that helps…