Scroll library Lenis doesn't work

Hi! Since today I can’t scroll down this cloned website when published.

I’ve checked other posts issues and solutions like making sure overflow is visible instead of hidden, but the problem remains. Link to read-only website: Webflow - Sunndio's landing page

Any idea about what could be causing this issue?

Thank you very much for the help,

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Sunndio's landing page

hi @Estanis your issue is related to your custom JS there is error on live page Can't find variable: lenis that need to be fixed. Please double check library documentation or code if you have copied code correctly.


Hi @Stan , thank you very much for the quick answer and for coming up with a solution!

Unfortunately, I don’t see how can I fix it because I have not copied-pasted any custom code. This is a cloneable project I’ve been working on the editor.

Even restoring previous versions hasn’t solved it. I guess I’ll start over with a new one.

Thanks for the help!

hi @Estanis I was now checking WF websites that claiming use of lenis and most of these do not work and some of these that works use GSAP instead (no lenis installed).


According to lenis github repo 0.2.1 this library is still WIP (Work In Progress) so is can be unstable.

<script src=""></script>

You can try to import lib from jsDelivr .

<script src=""></script>

You should find more examples using this lib and check how it is done but until release 1.0.0 will be done your project website need be checked often as any updates before official release 1.0 may cause breaking changes. You can prevent it by using exact release like from jsDelivr 0.2.27 or Github 0.2.28 so lib would not update until you explicitly change release number.

Good luck

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Thanks a lot @Stan, I didn’t expect such a detailed response and advice! Now I get what is happening.

At my current level of development experience I believe it’s better playing on safe ground by keeping it simple, no custom code yet.

I’ll be back smooth scrolling APIs… :). Thanks!

@Estanis so what exact change did you make in the code ? apperently i am dealing with same issue , scrolling is paused and the happpening rapidly