I cannot scroll down on my website

I cannot scroll down on my website, i also have all the overflow not hidden, i dont know, i tried to add some smooth scrolling and doesnt work to scroll

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

I don’t seem to have any issues scrolling through your website. Could you maybe provide a screenshot of where it’s stuck for you?

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im so sorry, ive just found another smooth scrolling code, then yesterday i was thinking to edit the forum to let people know that I have resolved the problem, thank you anyway for the help, I will code from Lenis for the smooth scrolling that did not work, I will put another code here for other people that may be facing the problem , Thank you!

Here it’s the cloneable website, you can grab the scrip from the body tag on the custom code

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Thanks for the code, really helpful. Unfortunately, for me it only worked for 1280px and up viewports. On smaller viewports it still can’t reach the bottom. I am attaching the read-only and link to the site, so maybe you can help me figure out what is wrong



Thanks again