Scroll into view - Slide from bottom animation issue

Hey there,

I have a small problem with a project I’m working on.

Most of my elements have a “slide in from bottom” animation when they’re scrolled into view. This interaction is a preset in Webflow and works great on most elements.

The problem is that when applying this animation to the cards in the cards section, the cards do this weird slide down wiggle and doesn’t work at all like the other elements.

Does anyone have a suggestion on what’s wrong and how I could fix it?

The site in question:
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Hi @robingranqvist I see what do you mean but what I’ve found that there is small move down on almost every element. IMHO it is because when the image will load (show) it has initial position then move down to be ready to move (slide up) and after slide back to initial position. So I’ve tried move card down from its initial position and then let it ONLY slide up back to initial position. It worked without jump down. Hope that this will work also for you or give you an idea of why and how.

On image is card-grid moved 60px down

CleanShot 2020-11-26 at 22.41.00


thank you so much for taking a look at it. I’ll test it out :slight_smile:

I do not know how Webflow is setting for these pre made interactions initial down position and its distance. I have set offset to see interaction in middle of screen and it worked but I’m not sure if this is correct approach.