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Scroll down on page

My ‘scroll down to section’ button is not stoping on the top of the section, it’s stops on slider, below the header of the section (it located inside the section).
16 -link to website

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Did you ever get this issue resolved?

nope, waiting for someone to help me.
I didn’t find any support team of webflow that helping this some design issues.
They say it’s only here…

@AlexandraKendel … okay no problem I’ll take a look if you don’t mind and see if I can help.

Oh I need the read-only to get into your site.

Thank you very much,
and can you please check the responsive design on mobile,
there are devises that not working properly with it…
and I don’t know why is this happen.

thanks :slight_smile:

Okay, your initial question was about the scroll to section. I see, but the nav is set to fixed, everything will land underneath it. The scroll to section is working it’s using the browser viewport as the parameter, not the nav or header. If you disable the nav and test it, you can see it’s landing where it should according to the vh. View the screencast:

  1. First choice is to make the nav roll out when the page scrolls down - use the header as the into view element.
  2. Remove the fixed position. Which is fine because user seem to be getting the sidebar nav as a focus anyway right? There’s only 3 links
  3. Another cool choice is make 2 sidebars and leave the top only the header. This would be a different unique nav system.


Just another idea.

As for mobile, it worked fine when I tested it.

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