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Scheduled Publish Time/Date using Filters and Timezones

Hi! I have a client who wants to schedule his blog posts to automatically publish at 9:00pm the night before the actual post date. (He runs a CrossFit gym and likes to post the Workout of the Day the night before the actual workout… however he doesn’t want to manually go in and publish it at 9:00 every. single. night.).

Here’s my workaround so far:

  1. The client writes the blog post and manually sets the date of the post (ex. 11/7/2017).
  2. He publishes the post, though it doesn’t immediately appear because I have a filter set up to display only posts from today and older (see screenshot).
  3. Once 11/7 arrives, the post appears (I’m assuming at 12:00am?).

Since you can’t filter by time – just date – we had the idea to switch the website’s timezone to three hours ahead. This way, the blog post would appear at what the site believes to be 12:00am when it’s actually only 9:00pm. However, this has been unsuccessful.

Is the “display posts from today” filter unaffected by timezone? Why doesn’t this timezone workaround actually work?


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Hi @switchboard

Thanks so much for posting about this! By the looks of it this workaround should be working as you expect it to.

I have reported this to the team to see if we can find out why it isn’t working. That said, as this is a workaround we can’t make any promises that there is a solution here, but we will definitely try.

I’ll post back here as soon as I have more information for you!

Great, thanks Brando.
We tried a few different timezones as tests, and can confirm that it isn’t working as you’d expect (at least based on a default 12:00am publish time in the manually-selected timezone).

Should this be reposted in BUGS? I’ll let you guys decide!


Thanks for the extra info! I’ll keep it here in General for the time being. After the team investigates a bit more we can uncover if this is a bug or not and I will move it accordingly :slight_smile:

Hi @switchboard

Thanks again for making this post. I wanted to give you a heads up that I moved this to the Bugs category as our team confirmed this is a bug.

We are still investigating a fix for the root cause of this and hope to have it resolved soon.

I’ll keep you updated as we find more info.

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

You guys are champs.

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Hey all, just double-checking if there’s any status update on this Timezone bug? My client reports that the publish time-of-day is still inconsistent.



Thanks for following up on this issue.

I followed up with the team on this — we were able to isolate the issue but are still investigating solutions.

I really appreciate your patience while we continue to work on this.

I’ll post back here as soon as I have an update for you.

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