Scaling divs/container layout

Looking for help!

My site layout is not responsive due to the divs I have on the side of the page. Looks similar to where you have the context in the middle and the images (in my case div blocks) on the side.

This the layout how I have it:
I have my hero section with text then i have a div in an absolute position taking full length and full width with a z index above the hero section. The divs and the context dont touch in a sense as they are different layers.

Issue here is when I resize to a smaller res the div blocks over lap the middle text, they don’t resize or alternatively move out of frame. Ive tried everything, changing px to REM, overflow and no overflows.

I don’t feel comfortable putting my site on here for everyone to see as its my personal portfolio but if you know how to help I will share the link with you (:

Many thanks!