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Samsung Mobile Browser's Invisible Icons

Hello World,

While attempting to recreate one of Webflow wireframe templates. I’ve noticed an issue with displaying icons made out of Link blocks and images on Samsung’s mobile browser.

Original Template Site

Samsung Browser (Samsung Note 5)

Chrome Browser (Samsung Note 5)

FireFox Browser (Samsung Note 5)


Samsung Browser (Samsung Note 5)

Chrome Browser (Samsung Note 5)

FireFox Browser (Samsung Note 5)

Only after moving somethings around wasI able to firgure out the issue has something to do wth the link block and image style combination. Completely lost from here. Please help!


Sometimes the Samsung mobile browser doesn’t handle svg correctly in certain layouts. I couldn’t tell if that was the situation here but you might try hiding your current elements and using a png to see if the problem resolves.

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Thanks I will give this try, and see how things turn out.

Hi @mcmlxxx8, I am sorry to hear about the trouble, when I looked on a galaxy 8 device, the icons showed up, so I think this is an android/browser rendering issue on that specific phone/os/updates:

​Here is what I see on Galaxy Note 4 (Samsung Browser (Samsung Note 4):

​I hope this helps, I might try reloading all phone updates and check again.


Thanks for your response. After messing around with my browser, I was able to firgure out the rendering problem actually stemmed from a browser extension I was using lol.

Thanks again. This was definitely a learning experience.

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