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Same interaction on indepentent elements

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to reuse some interaction for the different links on my site but the way I’m doing it means:

  1. That when I hover over the “photo essays” link others will be affected to because they have the same classes

  2. I have to hand-code every single link I want to behave like this, which seems a bit weird and a waste of time if the behaviour is the same and it’s only the url that changes…

Any suggestions are welcome.


Here is my public share link:

Wether you’re using IX1 or IX2, there is a way to limit the effect of an interaction, on sibling or childs. So you need to think your structure to be able to use this. For example, you can set the interaction on a div, that will affect a child of the div. Then you can reuse this everywhere because you’ve limited to effects to a child of the element you’re hovering.

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Hey @vincent!

Thanks a lot for the quick reply, got it working already, a lot simpler with that feature!


Glad I could help :slight_smile: