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Safari not showing my input field properly


I’m having an issue with a form-input in Safari (It works for Chrome), and I wonder if anyone can decode this for me. (Just switched to a Mac, so started using Safari for battery reasons…)

I have a modal form input; which is impossible to use in Safari.



To activate the modal The link is… “Last ned CV”
Scroll down until you see some sort of resumé, and the link will be there.

text link

The issue is that people using safari will have no idea what to do here. hehe… also, typing doesn’t really work as well.

I’m not sure it will stay that way forever (the design), but it’s still interesting to know if any web-guru’s have an answer to why this might happen, so I can keep in mind for next time.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Appreciate all help!

Hi KarlMyrvang

The padding’s of the form’s text field Prevents the text display. Make it zero padding for this file and you are done. I tested it on Safari - works great. and btw enjoy your mac :green_apple:


Soo… That was a lot simpler than i thought. Do you know why Safari dies with the padding?
Also: thanks!