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ROW Element Bug

It appears that webflow has decided to hide the following post ?

So: I originally reported this as a FLEX BUG.

Turns out: It is not specifically FLEX related.

Here’s an image of the issue in a unclassed DIV - non FLEX container.

Every from the ROW up to the PAGE… is NON FLEX.

Another image of the bug

when you manually remove the class

It reverts back to it’s correct values…
so at least it’s fixable on the our side

  • (the customers, that is)

So this bug is probably related to the AUTO-CLASS-NAMING feature recently implemented.

thanks for the heads up @Revolution

I’m looking into this now. I’ll give you an update asap.

I think It’s remembering a row from a different page.

Don’t know the exact steps yet.

But basically (page 100)… I setup a ROW element with 2 columns (10/2).

Then on page 101… I setup another ROW element with 2 columns…

  • but it created the 2nd column with the auto-class name of “Column 3”.

AND NOTICE… it kept / remembered the same partition… 10/2 that I created in page 100.

  • Normally… when you create a ROW element… it defaults to 2 columns @ 6/6.

Coincidence ? Maybe. But I’ve seen this same issue 3 times now on 2 different computers.

Both Chrome. 1 Windows 10 Pro (one time) / 1 Mac Sierra (twice).

@callmevlad @thesergie @waldo @PixelGeek

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