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[Resolved] Webflow not resizing rows correctly on mobile phone views

@thesergie, @callmevlad, @PixelGeek, @cyberdave

After trying to find a workaround for this all day yesterday, I need to post this as a bug.

I’m a long-time Webflow user and use it nearly every day so I don’t recognize this as regular behavior. Working on a tight deadline for a client, so would be awesome if this could get addressed asap.

I have a row that contains two 6-columns. In the left 6-column, I have a row that has two columns - a 2-col and a 10-col. In the right 6-column, I have a row that has two columns - a 10-col and a 2-col. Including an image below from tablet view that shows the correct layout:

On the mobile views however, the customized rows inside the 6-columns are ignored, giving me two 6-col’s instead:

I’ve tried working around it by playing with the margins of the text (ie “first exercise”) and edit buttons, but while it looks good, the edit button only works when approached from the left side due to the column overlap. See below:

Thanks guys!

@Todd, try clicking this button:

Let me know if that works,


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Hey @Arthur, that seems to have fixed it. Now I finally know what that button does :wink:

Thanks again!

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@Todd you’re welcome! Let me know if you need any more help.


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